Open Submissions

Brindlewood Bay Mystery Submission Opportunity

We are accepting mystery scenario submissions for the tabletop roleplaying game Brindlewood Bay for an upcoming digital print Anthology series.

This independent project, sanctioned by The Gauntlet, will feature Murder Mysteries and Sweeps Week Mysteries.

There are many “unofficial” high quality Brindlewood Bay mysteries that are unpublished and hard to find. We hope to collect them and shine a spotlight on their authors.


About the Anthologies

  • These anthologies will be published digitally on DrivethruRPG. You must have a Drivethru publisher account to receive royalties. Follow this link to create one.
  • Mysteries will be published conforming to the upcoming Brindlewood Bay mystery format debuting in the Kickstarter edition of the game. Your mystery does not need to be in this format to be submitted, but final acceptance and publication of your work is contingent upon you providing final edits that conform to this format.
  • Additional material may be requested (keeper advice, author notes, bio, etc.).
  • Volumes will be professionally edited and laid out, and feature new art by Brindlewood Bay artist Cecilia Ferri.



Each participant in a volume will get an equal share of the royalties from that volume; the exact percentage will be determined by the number of writers in each collection.

Notes on DrivethruRPG exclusivity
If DrivethruRPG is not the exclusive retailer of a digital document, they pay less in royalties.

If you would like to submit a mystery that is or will be published elsewhere, please do. We will group all of the non-exclusive mysteries into volumes together. All writers will make less per sale, but will maintain control of additional publishing opportunities for that mystery outside of Drivethru.

If you wish for DrivethruRPG (and this anthology) to be the exclusive digital publisher of your mystery for a two-year term, you will be grouped in an anthology with similar mysteries and receive a higher royalty percentage from Drivethru.


Submission Guidelines

  • Up to 2500 words for a Murder Mystery, and 3000 words for a Sweeps Week Mystery.
  • One submission per author.
  • Include the following information in your submission: name, email, cover letter, story title, word count, and the file containing your story in .RTF, .DOC, or .DOCX format.
  • In your cover letter, address the following. Do you wish to retain publishing opportunities outside of DrivethruRPG and receive a slightly lower royalty, or do you agree that, if accepted, this will be the only digital publication of your mystery for two years following the publication date? Both are acceptable answers.
  • The submission window ends on August 31. We may reopen for additional submissions based on the response.
  • Email your submission to actualstorypodcasting at gmail.

This project is not associated with Jason Cordova or Gauntlet Publishing, but it is published with their permission.