Shows about story

Actual Story Podcasting creates shows that deal with story.

Currently available

Theatrically Speaking, a podcast for playwrights, features conversations with writers about the business, culture, and craft of playwrighting.

RPG Anthology, an actual play one shot podcast, uses tabletop roleplaying games to tell stories similar to improve audio drama with some constraints.

The Lumber Ghost Mysteries is our first season long campain story similar to Stranger Things. 

Jonah Fixes Your Sht is an unsolicited advice show. It is permanently cancled. There will never be any more episodes. Unless...

MTG Playgroup is a Magic: the Gathering show thinking about various ways your playgroup can play.

In Post Production

We have finished recording the complete first seasons of two additional actual play campaigns. One uses Monster of the Week and the second is a home brew system. Monster of the Week should be available Fall 2021.

In Pre Production

We are writing two audio dramas.