Jonah Fixes Your Trailer
Jonah Fixes Your Sht: unsolicited adviceNovember 06, 202000:43666.12 KB

Jonah Fixes Your Trailer

There’s a new podcast called Jonah Fixes your Shit. And this is the trailer for it.

I’m Jonah. And on the show, I try to fix your shit.

I do that by talking to experts, answering some god damn questions, and doing my mother fucking research.

I’m also trying to expand my lexicon of profanity. But that’s really more of a side project.

So tune out the twatwaffles, ignore the assbaskets and subscribe to the digital ambrosia that is Jonah Fixes Your Shit: the podcast. After you put the rug munchers to bed.

What now? Rug munchers and rug rats are different?

Huh. You learn something new every day.