They Came From Beneath The Sea - 2 of 3
Roll To Meddle: a Brindlewood Bay actual play podcastSeptember 06, 2022x
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They Came From Beneath The Sea - 2 of 3

They Came From Beneath the Sea, developed by Matthew Dawkins, is published by Onyx Path Publishing. For more information, check out

This actual play tabletop roleplaying game podcast plays to the tropes of 1950's sci-fi horror films with a healthy dose of improv comedy.

Dave Coyne, Wendy Donigian, and Jamie Nash, all with IMDB horror film credits, play this game set on Kent island, the crabbing epicenter of the Chesapeake Bay. When a mysterious boating accident is investigated by an evasive agent of the coast guard, our heroes take it upon themselves to discover what strange creatures came from beneath the sea.